Can You Escape Level 6 Walkthrough

By | June 19, 2013

Look at the left corner, there’s a grey rectangle under the bull horn.. it’s the key location. And to open it you must find 3 color weight to hang on the scale. Find out where to get each weight in can you escape level 6 walkthrough 🙂
help guide for the answer :
blue weight = solve the puzzle number on the left table
red weight = under the car
green weight = inside the right cabinet

how to solve can you escape level 6 cheat :
look on the boxes under the boat on left table
solve the puzzle number with math :
to get the top number 168 you need to do the multiplication from the number below it 12 x 14
so to left number are 3 and 6 and right number are 7 and 7
get the blue weight

take the yellow item under the table
get a yellow stick behind the plants on right
combine them on inventory to get a car jack tool
tap the red car and place the car jack
get a red weight


to get the green weight you need to find some numbers :
2 yellow on gecko wall
2 blue when you open the square above the plant
6 green on lvl 6
6 red under the basket on the right cabinet

enter these numbers on the cabinet : 2662 and get the green weight

hang all the weights on the left scale
get the key under the bull horn

unlock the elevator door open using this key

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