Can You Escape Level 8 Walkthrough

By | June 19, 2013

The code on the door consist of 2 password : 4 numbers and 4 shapes, Read can you escape level 8 walkthrough to see where to find the solution for each password number and shape.
use the arrow on bottom left corner to switch room view

how to solve can you escape level 8 answer :
click the cuckoo clock, get a charger
go to room with tricycle
get a handle and put it on the drawer on the right
open it to get a phone with empty battery

go to room with TV
look on the left speaker, plug in the charger to the power socket
then connect the phone
you will have the password for the numbers : 3462


back to the door
get the remote tv from black shelf on the left
view the trash can to get a DVD
go to room with couch, look at the painting above
tap it to see 4 numbers : 7528
go to room with TV
click the DVD player under the TV and enter the code 7528
insert the DVD
use the remote to the tv so you can switch channel
count how many animals on each channel :
4 kangaroos
6 penguins
3 cats
2 sharks

back to the room with couch
look the ipad tablet and enter :
4 6
3 2
you will see the password for the shape : circle star triangle square

back to the door and click the left panel
enter the numbers on top
enter the shape on bottom

when both circle turned into green go back and you can see the lift door open

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