Can You Escape Tower Level 6 Cheat Solution

By | April 5, 2014

You’re inside an armory room with a lot of weapon to use, read Can You Escape Tower Level 6 Cheat Solution to find out which weapon to use and solve the puzzle on this stage 🙂
Can You Escape – Tower by Mobigrow / Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device

can you escape tower nivel 6 walkthrough :
get the shovel on the left barrel, get a sword from the sword rack and a hammer head next to it
pick up the spear on the back wall, use the spear to get the bow on wall
use the shovel to remove the bricks in front of the door, get a stick
combine the stick with hammer head into a hammer
use the hammer to break the wall and reveal some target with squares, triangles, circles
use the sword on the barrel to break it open and get the arrow tip, combine the bow with the arrow tip
look on the shields on wall to see which target shape to hit, the “X” indicates which target to shoot, while the shapes on the left and right show you the position of X

now you can shoot the following targets:
Row 2: 1st target (triangle)
Row 1: 3rd target (triangle)
Row 1: 4th target (circle)
look on the door, it will open now and you can escape

can you escape tower niveau 6 video cheats guide :