Can You Guess The Celeb Cheats

By | April 6, 2014

Can You Guess The Celeb Cheats Answers and Solutions to help you when you get stuck guess the celebs name ! How well do you know today’s celebrities ? Can you name all of these famous celebrity person ? We’ve got everything in this Celebrity Icon Quiz – movie stars, musicians, TV stars & business people!
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Can You Guess The Celeb Level 1 Answers
Level 1-1: Elton John
Level 1-2: Brad Pitt
Level 1-3: Donald Trump
Level 1-4: Eminem
Level 1-5: Snoop Dogg
Level 1-6: Tom Cruise
Level 1-7: Adam Sandler
Level 1-8: Tom Hanks
Level 1-9: Johnny Depp
Level 1-10: Will Ferrell

Can You Guess The Celeb Level 2 Answers
Level 2-1: Megan Fox
Level 2-2: Will Smith
Level 2-3: Jim Carrey
Level 2-4: Matt Damon
Level 2-5: Lebron James
Level 2-6: Keanu Reeves
Level 2-7: Miley Cyrus
Level 2-8: Mel Gibson
Level 2-9: Lady Gaga
Level 2-10: Rihanna

Can You Guess The Celeb Level 3 Answers
Level 3-1: Nicolas Cage
Level 3-2: Ben Stiller
Level 3-3: Lil Wayne
Level 3-4: Kobe Bryant
Level 3-5: Operah Winfrey
Level 3-6: Chevy Chase
Level 3-7: Kanye West
Level 3-8: Selena Gomez
Level 3-9: Justin Bieber
Level 3-10: Dr. Dre


Can You Guess The Celeb Level 4 Answers
Level 4-1: Mila Kunis
Level 4-2: Vin Diesel
Level 4-3: Cameron Diaz
Level 4-4: Jack Black
Level 4-5: Chris Rock
Level 4-6: Russell Crowe
Level 4-7: Meryl Streep
Level 4-8: Hugh Jackman
Level 4-9: Vince Vaughn
Level 4-10: Emma Stone

Can You Guess The Celeb Level 5 Answers
Level 5-1: Tyler Perry
Level 5-2: Tiger Woods
Level 5-3: Jay-Z
Level 5-4: Jackie Chan
Level 5-5: Heath Ledger
Level 5-6: Taylor Swift
Level 5-7: Emma Watson
Level 5-8: Jessica Alba
Level 5-9: David Spade
Level 5-10: Tom Brady