Captain Super Stove Cafe World

By | September 18, 2010

Captain Super Stove Cafe World ! a new functional statue Hiya Chefs! It’s a plate! It’s a stove! No, it’s CAPTAIN SUPER STOVE!

Cafe World Captain Super Stove

Remove the ingredient steps from cooking and make all your stoves ONE-CLICK super stoves! You will keep all your stoves, but he will make them one-click super stoves. Buy him or ask your friends for help to build him.

Upgrade your decorative stoves ! Ask your friends to help you assemble Captain Super Stove ! Place and finish this item in your Cafe and all your stoves will have one-click cooking for one week

go to functional – special items, you will find 2 captain super stove
choose build it and put it on your cafe

you will need to collect captain super stove parts :
12 afterburner grills
12 poly-steel planting
12 carbon chips
14 turbo tech knobs


after 1 week, to keep his special powers we must pay 20 cafe cash every week !

err.. i don’t like it if we must spend 20 cafe cash to charge him πŸ™ i prefer to build lightning stove using cafe world lightning stove links to build faster πŸ™‚ what about you ?

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  • TW

    The only thing that it seems useful for is the pizza oven, for which i’ve not yet found a 1-click version, everything else already has a superstove version, especially the lightning stuff. and toasters and deep friers are already 1-click. so, pretty much absolutely useless for any “real” player.