Carolers In Frontierville

By | December 20, 2010

Carolers In Frontierville ! Are you ready for the 12 missions ? but first where to find carolers in frontierville ? because we will need them for these frontierville 12 missions

today you will get a new mail from frontier jack

mail’s here ! the pony express rode night and day to deliver it to ya… click it !

click the letter and you will get this pop up :
on the 12 days of christmas my true love gave to me, a new mission every single day ! click on the carolers to open the 12 mission calendar !

frontierville carolers

good news for 12 new missions 🙂 but the bad news is we do not get any carolers yet

how to get carolers in frontierville ?
looks like it’s slowly rolled out for every players 🙁 so the best way is wait…

i already see some letter to santa request from some of my friend who can find the frontierville carolers near the toy factory

can’t wait for this 12 missions ^^;

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