Castleville A Call for Help Missions Friends in Need

By | May 3, 2012

Help Sonja with her old crewmate Jacques in castleville a call for help missions !

this group will need some supply and some Beastie Bangers ! they will need your aid to finish this friends in need quest to fight against the Gloom

here are the requirements guide :

Quest 1: A Call for Help Mission
Feed baby animals 40 times.
Harvest 40 Corn for the wee bairns to eat.
Collect taxes on your Houses 20 times to start raising a war chest for Jacques’ Kingdom.

Quest 2 : Worst Things First Mission
Have 10 Wood Clubs for the anti-Beastie care package we’re putting together. (craft in workshop)
Craft 5 Super Clobbers for banishing Beasties. (craft in workshop)
Have 6 Lamp Oil to keep the night light lit all night (ask friends)

Quest 3 : Prefabricated Guard Tower Mission
Have 20 Wood Logs to make wooden warning signs. (chop tree)
Craft 20 Stone Blocks to take cover behind. (craft at workshop)
Have 5 Lamp Oil to keep the night light lit all night (ask friends)

Quest 4 : Fast Food Mission
Have 35 Bass to send. Hope they can adjust to eating fresh water fish.
Harvest 30 Cabbage for our friends.
Craft 10 Hard-Boiled Eggs. (craft in kitchen)

Quest 5 : Tools to Turn the Tide Mission
Have 5 Hammers you can spare for a good deed. (craft in workshop)
Have 40 Stone that our friends can have to shore up their Kingdom. (mine rocks or tend mining camp)
Have 10 Leather for our materials care package. (craft in studio)

Quest 6 : Pause in the Cause Mission
Craft 6 Berry Scones to provide some energy for the crew, er, people. (Craft Berry Scones at Kitchen)
Have 30 Milk Bottles to refresh everyone. (tend cows)
Gather 30 Honey and spread the word that Jacques kingdom can use help. (tend flowers)

Quest 7 : Providing for the Future Mission
Have 8 Adult Sheep available to send back to Jacques.
Have 8 Adult Cows available to send back to Jacques.
Harvest 25 Wheat so the animals have something to eat on their journey.

Quest 8 : Fish Tale Mission
Craft 3 Stained Glass for beautiful new decorations. (craft at studio)
Craft 5 Collection Boxes as gifts. (craft at workshop)
Have 6 Sheet Music to lighten the mood there on the coast. (ask friends)

Quest 9 : Supply Dump Mission
Craft 4 Wool Tunics to send to our friends. (craft in studio)
Have 30 Chicken Meat to send as a gift. (get from Adult Chickens)
Harvest 30 Potatoes to send to Jacques.

Quest 10 : Gloom on the Run Mission
Have 250,000 coins to help our friends with their expansion.
Have 20 Exploration Crystals our friends can use against the Gloom. (craft at workshop)
Craft a Flag to send to our friends to remind them of our support. (craft flag in studio)

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