Castleville A Coop of Their Own Quest Goose Coop

By | April 10, 2013

Store adult geese in the goose coop with castleville a coop of their own quest to get rewards like extra down feathers, save space in your kingdom, protect your adult geese from beasties, and fed them all at once !

you can add adult geese to your coop through storage mode, once stored.. you can access them again through your inventory !

goose coop goals :

mission 1: A Bite In The Air Quest
– Place the Goose Coop
– Clear 5 Grass
– Feed 5 Geese


mission 2 : Sweet Honking Quest
– Have 3 Goose Neck Warmers
– Complete you Goose Coop
– Have 6 adult Geese in the Coop


mission 3 : Coup Of The Coop Quest
– Use the Goose Coop to feed 6 Geese
– Craft 2 Bedding form the Down Feathers
– Tend 5 Flowers