Castleville A Distant Romace Quest Bad Relationship Advice

By | October 31, 2012

Help rafael upgrade yvette’s house in castleville a distant romance quest and save his relationship !

romance on the rocks ? but hazel gives bad advice

guide for bad relationship advice goals walkthrough :

mission 1: a distant romance quest
Tend 3 Flowers
Feed 3 Animals

mission 2: handy around the house quest
Have 3 Hot Irons
Tend Yvette’s House
Craft 1 Hammer

mission 3: hearts on fire quest
Repair Yvette’s House
Tax 10 Houses
Craft 1 Pumpkin Gumbo

gloom flame dousing material :
8 cute curtains
3 steel bar
2 brick oven
1 glue


mission 4: a real fixer upper quest
Have 5 Buckets of Paint
Craft 2 Lacquered Screens
Collect 10 Berries

lacquered screens

mission 5: minion mania quest
Use Charm Gloom Yeti Spell 2 Times
Craft 3 Cotton Thread
Feed 10 Geese

mission 6: a romantic remodel quest
Have 8 Pieces of Sandpaper
Craft 2 Sledgehammers
Tend Rafael’s House

mission 7: how can you mend a broken house quest
Repair Rafael’s House
Craft 2 Berry Scones
Mine 20 Rocks

gloom flame dousing material items :
2 iron axe
4 bronze bar
3 mortar
10 wood plank

mission 8: from the heart quest
Cast Sunripen Spell 2 Times
Feed 20 Cows
Harvest 10 Sugar Cane