Castleville A Key Discovery Quest Gremlins

By | December 5, 2012

Gremlins are here in castleville a key discovery quest ! find a gremlin break the curse and collect charmstones !
use your charmstone to explore to new expansion and get special prizes :
– gremlin house
– gremlin palace

help alastair free Gremlin Village from the Gloom with these missions :

mission 1: a key discovery quest
Feed 1 Animal
Tend 1 Flower

how to find gremlin in castleville :
Gremlins have a chance at spawning from tending flowers, shrubs, bushes, chopping trees
They do not spawn from animals.
They will also spawn from the Keystone, guaranteed each time you’re able to tend it.

mission 2: gremlins gone wild quest
Have 3 Blue Moss
Stun 2 Gremlins
Cast 2 Break Curse Spells

tips :
Gremlins will runaway if not transformed in time (your timer can be seen above the gremlin itself.) You will have a certain amount of time to both stun them as well as transform them before they leave.
Make sure to to stun and transform the Gremlins as you go. If you have too many in your kingdom, you may not be able to get anymore to spawn until you transform some of the ones you already have!

mission 3: hidden treasures quest
Tend 8 Sheep
Cleanse 1 Gremlin Bush
Tend 8 Flowers

moss covered bush

mission 4: running gremlins gather no moss quest
Have 5 Acorns
Cast 3 Break Curse Spells
Craft 2 Loot Bags

mission 5: we shall fight them in the village quest
Cast 1 Banishus Maximus Spell
Cast 4 Break Curse Spells
Spend 15 Charmstones

mission 6: the keystone to safety quest
Repair the Gremlin Keystone
Craft 2 Wooden Gremlin Faces
Cast 2 Spells In Your Kingdom


mission 7: charming the stones off them quest
Have 7 Gold Oak Leaves
Cast 6 Break Curse Spells
Unlock 1 Moss-Covered Treasure Chest

mission 8: the gremlin guru quest
Cast 7 Break Curse Spells
Cast 1 Unicorn’s Gift Spells
Spend 45 Charmstones
reward : Gremlin’s Treasure Chest

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