Castleville A Penny Saved Missions Geezers Tasks

By | May 28, 2012

Have a final upgrade for your griffin statue start with castleville a penny saved quests – the geezers tasks missions 🙂

GEEZERS always worry about the future. Prove to them that you can plan for your financial tomorrow, today !

here are the quest requirements :

mission 1 : A Penny Saved Quest
Have 2 Vaults in your Kingdom so you can store your massive piles of Coins
Pay 250000 Coins for the official seal of approval
Have 15 Silver Ore to add to your impressive collection

mission 2 : Best Friend’s Club Quest
Have 7 Longbows so you can fight from a distance
Craft 6 Steel Swords to arm your Kingdom in case of attack
Clobber 8 Beasties in neighboring Kingdoms to help out your Allies

mission 3 : and Party Every Day Quest
Harvest 40 Grapes for finger food
Craft a Party in the Party Pavilion
Craft 5 Bubbly Grog to keep the party going

mission 4 : The Duke’s New Clothes Quest
Craft 5 Cotton Leggings in a Studio
Have 35 Wool Thread in your Studio
Tend your Tailor 6 times to keep checking up on the latest Fashion trends.

mission 5 : Lather, Rinse, Repeat Quest
Have 7 Bars of Soap to wash behind your ears
Collect 30 Pails of Water to rinse everyone down with
Craft 4 Large Crest Banners to celebrate your stainless Kingdom

mission 6 : Gloom and Doom Quest
Banish Faugrimm from your Kingdom ! Clobber Faugrimm to get him out of your Kingdom

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