Castleville A Rugged Request Quest Rafael and Yvette Go Camping

By | August 22, 2012

Help Rafael and Yvette Go Camping and Have the Best Camping Trip Ever in castleville a rugged request quest !

there are 9 missions, here are the walkthrough guide :

mission 1 : A Rugged Request Quest
Collect taxes from Yvette’s House
Feed 2 Animals to look for Yvette
Tend 2 Flowers to find lovely blossoms

mission 2 : Scoping The Site Quest
Place the Star-Crossed Telescope (Inventory)
Collect 3 Trail Maps (ask friends)
Craft 1 rugged Wood Club in the Workshop

mission 3 : Supplies Me Quest
Collect 3 Coal by mining Rocks or collecting from Mining Camps
Craft 1 Hard Boiled Eggs in the Kitchen
Collect 10 Pails of Water (fishing)

mission 4 : Star Gazing Quest
Complete the Star-Crossed Telescope
Craft 2 Trail Mix in the Kitchen
Have 10 Cocoa

mission 5 : Where, Oh Where, Can Yvette Be Quest
Collect 5 Rugged Rucksacks (ask friends)
Tax 15 buildings
Feed 8 Sheep

mission 6 : Looking For Our Lost Lamb Quest
Explore to find Yvette in the wilderness near that old Ranger Tower
Craft 3 Exploration Crystals in the Workshop
Collect 5 Wooden Whistles (ask friends)

mission 7 : Opposites Attract Quest
Banish 2 Gloom Yetis (Gloom Yeti Potion)
Craft 1 Iron Camp Stove in the Workshop
Craft 3 Candles in the Studio

mission 8 : Star-Crossed Star Gazers Quest
Upgrade the Star-Crossed Telescope
Collect 5 Compasses (ask friends)
Have 10 Stone Blocks from a Quarry or craft them in the Workshop

mission 9 : You Can Go Home Again Quest
Complete the Ranger Tower to increase your Nobility score!
Craft 3 Cloth Bandages in the Studio.
Feed 10 Cows in your Kingdom