Castleville A Tale of Two Alastairs Quest

By | November 28, 2013

Help giovanni figure out what exactly is up with alastair by finishing castleville a tale of two alastairs quest !
there are 5 part of missions, here are the walkthrough and story each quests :

Before we head to see what’s up with alastair, we ought to be prepared. Just in case.

goal 1: A Friend In Distress Quest
– Collect 5 Wood Logs
– Tax 5 Houses
– Buy 4 Fences

I think we ought to chain him up. Well, at least contemplate doing so.

goal 2: The Other Alastair Quest
– Have 2 Cookies
– Tend 4 Flowers
– Craft 3 Ropes in case Alastair needs to be restrained

Oh no! it seems like a presonaof Alastair’s former repressed self has minifested within his head !

goal 3: Years of Repression Quest
– Have 2 Mythril Chain Links
– Have 3 Pails of Water
– Craft 3 Spaghetti

You hear the man. Let’s craft that Temper Trap Spell

goal 4: Trapping the Temper Quest
– Banish 3 Gloom Rats
– Craft 2 Horseshoes
– Craft 1 Temper Trap Spell to cast on Alastair

Crafting Castleville Temper Trap spell:

Let’s cast the temper trap spell on alastair, as per his own instructions.

goal 5: Two Heads Aren’t Always Better Than One Quest
– Cast the Temper Trap Spell on Alastair to revert him back to the Alastair we know
– Go to Alastair’s House
– Craft 4 Strawberry Tarts