Castleville A Warm Welcome Missions Puppy Love

By | April 19, 2012

Kathleen will give you a new castleville puppy love missions start with a warm welcome quest !

so let’s get some pets puppies for your castle and craft some chew toy to learn more about puppy’s hapiness !

requirements guide :
quest 1 : a warm welcome mission
– prepare a fire, chop 5 trees in your kingdom
– fish 1 time in your kingdom to get started cooking (fish ponds)
– plant 5 carrots, kathleen’s favorite food

quest 2 : puppy proving mission
– prove you can keep a pet well-fed. feed 3 animals in your kingdom
– protect your animals, banish 1 gloom wolf

quest 3 : puppy proofing mission
– clear 4 grass in your kingdom
– have 1 animal bone (banish beasties to find animal bones)
– have 1 parchment (craft in the studio)

quest 4 : food and shelter mission
– get a home for your new puppy, buy the regal kennel (market > buildings)
– buy 1 large trough (market > decorations)
– have 2 chicken meat to feed your puppy (feed adult chickens)

quest 5 : adoption day mission
– complete construction of the regal kennel
– adopt a puppy from the market (market > pets)
– find the toy your puppy wants to start playing (find puppy’s ball from grass, flowers, plants)

quest 6 : play time mission
– clear grass, flower and plants to find the item your puppy wants and click on your puppy to play
– take your puppy for a walk, visit 6 neighbors
– have 6 dry biscuits for puppy treats (ask friends)

quest 7 : digging around mission
– give your puppy a chew toy instead of the ball to make your puppy instantly happy
– go on a treasure hunt with your puppy (puppy’s happiness meter must full)
– craft 2 more chew toys for your puppy (craft in studio)

quest 8 : prize puppy mission
– click on the regal kennel to learn more about your pet
– go on a treasure hunt with your puppy again
– use your treasures to craft 1 new pet prize