Castleville An Obvious Observation Quest Giovannis Machine

By | September 26, 2012

Help giovanni build giovanni’s machine in castleville an obvious observation quest ! you’ll see alastair pop up first for these goals

with very little research, we can determine just the best way to ward off faugrimm’s attacks

quests walkthrough :

mission 1 : an obvious observation quest
Click on a Pond
Tend 3 Flowers
Have 5 Stones

mission 2 : far far away quest
Have 0 Fur Hats
Explore An Isolated Spot

mission 3 : the perfect place quest
Craft 2 Heated Boots
Melt 3 Icy Brambles & Icy Roses
Tax 5 Royal Buildings

mission 4 : the moment of truth quest
Have 3 Giant Gears
Complete the Enchantment Engine
Use Spring-Loaded Devices to Activate Engine

mission 5 : a well rested mind quest
Craft 1 Sweet Bun
Fish In 5 Ponds
Craft 1 Ink

mission 6 : expanding the experiment quest
Explore A New Area With Icy Brambles
Craft 1 Flaming Sword
Prepare 2 Fireheart Spells

mission 7 : the moment of truth again quest
Craft 2 Spring-Loaded Devices
Repair & Upgrade Enchantment Engine
Activate The Enchantment Engine

mission 8 : a beastie bonanza quest
Have 5 Noise Makers
Banish 1 Gloom Yeti with a Flaming Sword
Cast 2 Charm Gloom Rat spells

mission 9 : tell me the truth is this the moment quest
Upgrade Your Enchantment Engine
Craft 2 Spring-Loaded Devices
Activate Your Enchantment Engine


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