Castleville Apply Liberally Missions Heraldry

By | May 22, 2012

Let’s design a royal crest for geezers in castleville apply liberally missions ! and don’t forget the statue, you will need to collect parts to build it 🙂

there are 4 quests and duke will guide you with the requirements !

here are the heraldry quest walkthrough :

quest 1 : Apply Liberally Mission
– Tax 3 Houses in your Kingdom
– Have 10 Bees Wax (tending Flowers)

quest 2 : The Waiting Game Mission
– Go Berry picking with the Duke by tending 5 Roots, Mushrooms, Shrubs or Grass
– Go Fishing 1 time
– Feed 5 Sheep

quest 3 : Crest Creation Mission
– Open the Crest Creation Dialog (Click on the Flag next to your Kingdom name)
– Create a new Royal Crest (Visit the Crest Creation Dialog and save a Crest design)
– Craft 1 Crest Banner in a Studio

quest 4 : Some Assembly Required Mission
– Have 5 Stone Blocks (craft in the Workshop)
– Make the Duke 1 Berry Smoothie (craft in the Kitchen)
– Place and Build the statue that came from the GEEZERS with your acceptance letter.

tips : Click on the Building Foundation to see what materials you need to finish putting your statue together