Castleville Belated Birthday Quest Ben A Giants Birthday

By | July 16, 2012

Throw a Giant’s Birthday Party for your new friend, Ben in castleville belated birthday quest !

Throw Ben a Giant’s Birthday Party!

6 missions requirements walkthrough :

mission 1: Belated Birthday Quest
Craft Parties in the Party Pavilion.

mission 2: Party on, Duke Quest
Visit 3 Neighbors
Craft a Giant Birthday Candle for Ben (in Party Pavilion)
Craft 1 Ice Cream (in the Kitchen)

mission 3: It’s a Giant Thing Quest
Tend 20 animals
Craft a Giant Satchel (in Party Pavilion)
Throw a second Giant’s Birthday Party for Ben (Craft Parties in the Party Pavilion)

mission 4: Party Like Giants Quest
Craft cnt13 Flaming Grog (in the Kitchen)
Craft the Giant’s Birthday Pants (in the Party Pavilion)
Craft the Giant’s Birthday Shirt (in the Party Pavilion)

mission 5: Big Things in Big Packages Quest
Collect from 15 houses
Buy 3 new Decos
Craft a Giant’s Party Hat (in the Party Pavilion)

mission 6: Shake it Up Quest
Craft the Giant’s Gift House (in the Party Pavilion)
Cast the Shakedown Spell cnt12 times to quickly collect from your buildings
Collect from 10 Buildings in your Kingdom