Castleville Black Threat Quest

By | June 6, 2013

Giovanni is back, let’s build a strong fortifications to defend your castle in castleville black threat quest
If giovanni is right, trouble is heading our way ! The measures we’ve taken so far to protect the kingdom may not be enough. Let’s build some stronger fortifications !

missions requirements walkthrough guide :

goal 1 : The Towers That Be Quest
– Place the Fortifier Site in your Kingdom to start building Towers and Walls!
– Start 1 Small Tower in your Kingdom
– Tax 10 Houses. Building is costly affair !

choose the fortification type and collect all the kinds of epic towers and walls faster than ever !
fortification type for tower

fortification type for wall

goal 2 : Fortify This Quest
– Have 3 Trowels to help you layer the bricks over the mortar
– Tax a Royal Building 1 Time. Construction sites require maintenance
– Craft 2 Fortis Bricks to make your towers big and strong

goal 3 : Another Brick In The Wall
– Start 1 Small Wall to complement your Tower
– Craft 4 Fortis Bricks. Fortify those fortifications
– Have 1 Medium Tower in your Kingdom

goal 4 : Wall this Way Quest
– Craft 6 Fortis Bricks, the more you craft the faster you can build !
– have 1 Medium Wall, build them strong!
– Start another Tower in your Kingdom

goal 5 : Sticky Fingers Quest
– Banish 3 Gloom Thieves. Don’t let them near your fortis bricks !
– Have 1 Large Tower. Go Bigger!
– Start building another Wall to extend the fortifications in your kingdom

goal 6 : With Great Tower Quest
– Craft 1 Luminous Cage to protect your Fortis Bricks from Gloom Thieves
– Have 1 Large Wall in your Kingdom. Build it high !
– Have 1 Epic Tower standing Tall

goal 7 : Comes Great Responsibility Quest
– Have 1 Epic Wall to match your tower
– Pay for the upkeep of 1 Epic Tower
– Banish 1 Beastie using the epic tower, let’s see what these fortifications can do !

de-activate your tower to pay upkeep
sentinal tower

goal 8 : Black Be The Knight Quest
– Put 4 Walls together to block the Black Knight’s Scouts
– Banish 3 enemy Knights using the Towers!
– Get one more Epic Tower in your Kingdom

goal 9 : For The Knight Is Dark Quest
– Pay for the upkeep of 2 Epic Towers
– Banish 3 more Knights using your brand new fortifications
-Craft 1 Caramel Popcorn. Sugar helps to ease the trauma !