Castleville Breaking The Book of Sinister Schemes Missions

By | July 4, 2012

Help alastair in castleville breaking the book quest because Alastair is delving into Faugirmm’s Book of Sinister Schemes! We need to figure out what Faugrimm is up to !

missions walkthrough guide :

mission 1: Breaking the Book Quest
Have 6 Lenses so Alastair (Ask your friends)
Have 20 Wool (Tend adult Sheep)
Craft 1 Purity Talisman (craft in the Studio)

mission 2: Secrets Revealed Quest
Have 30 Farm Plots
Harvest 30 crops in your Kingdom
Craft 2 Leather (craft at the Studio)

mission 3: Be Prepared Quest
Craft 1 Corn Dog (craft at the Kitchen after you build a Mill and a Butcher)
Have 7 Sticks of Butter (craft at the Kitchen)
Tend 20 houses

mission 4: Danger! Danger! Quest
Have 4 Kitchens in your Kingdom
Tend 5 Kitchen Support buildings
Alastair needs you to harvest 20

mission 5: Triple Digit Heat Quest
Craft 2 Kegs to fill with water (craft in the Workshop)
Have 5 Water Pumps in your Kingdom (purchase or craft them in the Workshop)
Craft 3 Chocolate Bars (craft in the Kitchen)

mission 6: Faugrimm’s Sinister Schemes Quest
Get 25 Pails of Water (fishing in pond)
Have 10 Moat or River Tiles (purchase in the Market)
Craft 1 Infinity Fish Bowl (craft at a Studio after you build a Glassblower)

mission 7: Lifting the Shroud Quest
Have 7 Flasks (Ask friends)
Buy 4 Troughs (market)
Tend 25 Animals in your Kingdom

mission 8: Two Extremes Quest
Have a Storage Cellar at level 3 or higher
Tend 15 Royal Buildings
Craft 5 Wood Planks (craft at the Workshop)

mission 9: The Calm Before the Storm Quest
Craft 3 8 Bags of Nails (craft in the Workshop after you build a Blacksmith)
Have 10 Glass (Collect Glass from the Glass Blower or craft in Studio – need Jeweler’s Shoppe)
Have 8 Old Socks (Ask friends)

mission 10: Weathering the Storm Quest
Have 20 Stone Blocks (Craft in the Workshop)
Craft 4 Mortar (Craftin the Studio)
Water 7 Saplings in your Kingdom

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