Castleville Bring on the Cheer Quest

By | December 12, 2013

Find out why Kriss Kringle is feeling sad this Holiday season on castleville bring on the cheer quest
castleville-bring on the cheer
help santa on these missions and claim each reward from cheer meter 🙂

his lips might say he’s fine, but something is definitely bothering kringle ! let’s see if we can loosen his lips a little.

goal 1: Kriss Kringle Is Coming to Town Quest
– Have 2 Cheer Sparkles to bring that smile back
– Collect 4 Honey to loosen his lips
– Craft 1 Chocolate bar

let’s help kringle make a few cheers, how difficult can it be ?

goal 2: Jolly Little Helpers Quest
– Craft 1 Iron Bar to help fix up Kringle’s factory
– Collect 4 Pails of Water to clean up the mess
– Click on the Cheer Meter icon once

Crafting Cheers & claiming rewards from the Cheer Meter:
craft cheers to fill kringle’s cheer meter

i wouldn’t say this to kringle, but i will need all the help can get to get this project done. help me a little won’t you, please ?

goal 3: Yuletide Beginnings Quest
– Plant 3 Coffee beans to make a hot brew
– Craft 3 Cheers
– Claim the Gift Pile as your first reward

this grumpiness sees quite contagious, doesn’t it ? the cheers might even lighten up the duke’s mood

goal 4: Curing the Grumpies Quest
– Craft 1 Tomato Bisque Soup for the Duke
– Have 3 Amethysts
– Claim the Yuletide Cider for your second reward

i wonder why the duke is being such a wet towel ! maybe he just needs some time to himself

goal 5: Lovers Spat Quest
– Collect 5 Wood Logs
– Craft 2 Whoopie Cushions
– Claim the Socks Clothesline as reward 3

maybe i need to be more obvious with my love ? this shepherd pie should work it’s magic on him!

goal 6: All’s Well Quest
– Craft 2 Shepherd Pies
– Craft 4 Bubbly Grogs to wash that pie down with
– Craft 8 Cheers to get on with this project

they look like a couple young boys ! their excitement is almost palpable. let’s get on with this then

goal 7: Victory Dance Quest
– Collect 8 Giggle Gas to stock up for the Cheer Meter
– Craft 1 bottle of Champagne, the end is nigh
– Claim the Reindeer Sculpture as your fourth reward