Castleville Bump In The Night Missions

By | March 1, 2012

Meet baz and he need your help in castleville bump in the night missions because he got some trust issues 😛

help him storing the house ang getting moved to your kingdom !

some of rewards from this quest are :
1 Kid’s Swing
1 Tree House
1 Giant Trap

Quest 1 : trust issues mission
Place the foundation for Baz’s House from your Inventory (Baz’s House is stored under the Buildings section of your Inventory once you begin/accept the quest)
Complete Baz’s House
Have 6 Coat of Arms

Quest 2 : hungry hungry mission
Craft 2 Chocolate Bars (crafted in the Kitchen)
Craft 2 Ice Cream (crafted in the Kitchen)
Get 3 fresh Bottles of Milk (found by tending adult Cows)

Quest 3 : monsters mission
Have 3 Wisp Lanterns (found under the Decor section of the Market)
Clear 10 Nature items (clear Grass, Stumps, Roots, etc to complete objective)
Chop 20 Trees in Neighbors’ Kingdoms

Quest 4 : count dracula mission
Have 5 Chicken Meat (found by tending adult Chickens)
Have 10 Pails of Water (found by fishing)
Have 7 Garlic (found by clicking the Post to Friends button in the quest window or found on the Newsfeed)

Quest 5 : big foot mission
Have 5 Flour Sacks (crafted in the Kitchen)
Have 3 Cotton Cloth (crafted in the Studio)
Craft 3 Glue (crafted in the Studio)

Quest 6 : fish dinner mission
Have 5 Bass (found from fishing)
Have 6 Hard-Boiled Eggs (crafted in the Kitchen)
Tend 15 Houses in Neighbors’ Kingdoms

Quest 7 : creeper trap mission
Craft 6 Ropes (crafted in the Workshop)
Have 20 Wood Planks (crafted in the Workshop)
Have 5 Bag of Nails (crafted in the Workshop)

Quest 8 : setting the trap mission
Place the Giant Trap from your Inventory (found under the Decor section)
Have 5 Mystery Meat

Quest 9 : baiting the trap mission
Craft 5 Saucy Tarts (crafted in the Kitchen)
Craft 8 Wood Fences (crafted in the Workshop)
Click the Giant Trap to set the Bait

Quest 10 : baiting the trap mission
Check on the Giant Trap once it catches something!

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