Castleville Bun-tastic Quest Duke’s Cookoff

By | August 27, 2012

It’s duke’s cookoff on castleville bun-tastic quest ! Help him win a Cookoff versus Mia.
10 missions to finish, requirements walkthrough guide :

mission 1: Bun-tastic Quest
Consume 6 Sweet Buns (Kitchen)
Craft 4 Flaming Grogs (Kitchen)
Tax 8 Houses

mission 2: Food Throwdown Quest
Have 10 Linen (Ask Friends)
Craft 1 Workbench (Logging Camp + Workshop)
Collect 13 Mink Oil (Feed adult Minks)

mission 3: Good Eats Quest
Craft 1 Carrot Cake in the Kitchen
Craft 5 Parchment (Studio)
Clear 10 Grass in your Kingdom

mission 4: Sconer Food Quest
Craft 3 Berry Scones (Kitchen)
Craft 3 Bread Dough (Kitchen)
Harvest 12 Strawberries

mission 5: Drinks R Us Quest
Have a 4th Kitchen (Build 3 Kitchens, the 4th will appear on Market)
Craft 2 Berry Smoothies in the Kitchen
Collect 14 Honey (Tend Flowers)

mission 6: It’s a Desserter Quest
Have 3 Nectar (ask friends)
Craft 2 Ice Cream Sandwiches in the Kitchen
Have 16 Milk Bottles (feeding Adult Cows)

mission 7 : Tie Breaker Quest
Craft 5 Bags of Popcorn in a Kitchen
Craft 2 Chocolate Bars in the Kitchen
Harvest 18 Sugar Cane

mission 8 : Pizza Time Quest
Craft 2 Pizzas in the Kitchen
Craft 3 Brick Ovens (Workshop)
Chop 20 Trees in your Kingdom

mission 9 : Pie Five Quest
Craft 3 Chicken Pot Pies in the Kitchen
Craft 3 Piles of Corn Meal (Mill)
Harvest 22 Carrots

mission 10: Food Naps Quest
Craft 2 Slime Dissolver in the Kitchen
Craft 1 Leather Pants in the Studio
Collect 8 Pails of Water (fishing in Ponds)