Castleville Castle Crasher Quest Hazel’s Heartbreak

By | August 7, 2012

Help Hazel rediscover love in castleville castle crasher quest because she’s to upset about faugrimm and stay in your Kingdom !

the hazel’s heartbreak missions will have 8 parts

here are the quests walkthrough :

mission 1 : Castle Crasher Quest
Feed 3 Cows in your Kingdom
Tend 2 Flowers in your Kingdom
Have a Spellbook of Spirit Magic

mission 2 : Ice meeting you Quest
Clear 1 Grass
Prepare 2 Frostmite Spells (Spellbook button)
Cast Frostmite spell 2 times

mission 3 : Rat-atouille Quest
Craft 2 Wood Clubs (in Workshop)
Cast the Charm Gloom Rat Spell 2 times
Feed 2 tamed Gloom Rats

mission 4 : Where is the Love Quest
Have 8 Cocoa for Hazel
Have 3 Stuffed Yetis (Ask Friends)
Craft 1 Faugrimm Doll

mission 5 : Icy Manipulator Quest
Cast the Bird Dazzle Spell on 2 Peacocks
Craft 2 Leather (in the Studio)
Feed 2 Bird Dazzled Peacocks

mission 6 : Wolf Charmer Quest
Tend 15 Sheep in your Kingdom
Craft 2 Swords (in the Workshop)
Cast the Charm Gloom Wolf Spell to tame a Gloom Wolf

mission 7 : The Dating Game Quest
Craft 3 Candles (in Studio)
Craft 3 Moist Coffee Cakes (in the Kitchen)
Have 6 Pails of Water (fishing)

mission 8 : Unbreak Her Heart Quest
Cast Bird Dazzle 2 times to gather gems
Craft 3 Berry Scones (in the Kitchen)
Prepare 2 Charm Gloom Rat Spells