Castleville Charity Begins At Home Quests Geezers Tasks

By | May 28, 2012

Upgrade griffin statue to 150 CP start with castleville charity begins at home missions ! just like the old geezers tasks.. this one also have 6 parts

Charity is a virtue near and dear to the geezers’ hearts. Donating some coins is a fine way to impress them !

here are the quests requirements :

mission 1 : charity begins at home quest
– sell 10 items from your inventory
– have 150,000 coins to give to charity
– give your farmhands a day off by harvesting 40 crops

mission 2 : gloom busters quest
– have 6 longbows
– craft 4 steel swords
– spend 50 energy fighting beasties

mission 3 : supply in demand quest
– harvest from mines and lumber camps in your kingdom 8 times
– craft 2 ice cream
– have 20 wool

mission 4 : this is flag country quest
– craft 3 hanging banners to upgrade your royal buildings
– craft 7 rifting scepters to remove any amythite rocks cluttering your kingdom
– tend your royal buildings 20 times

mission 5 : hoarders quest
– have 7 bars of soap
– have a level 2 or higher storage cellar
– craft 3 bedding

mision 6 : a wolf pack of one quest
– banish 3 gloom wolves that appeared in your kingdom
– banish the pack leader that is attacking your kingdom

At this point, you are now ready to upgrade your Griffin to 300 CP’s, click on it and start the next set of Geezer Tasks

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