Castleville Coin For Your Thoughts Quest Kingdom Refit

By | June 23, 2012

Help ulrich in kingdom refit missions start with castleville coin for your thoughts quest !

Ulrich is worried about the state of your Crafting Buildings!

these mission still unreleased so some requirements might changed, quests walkthrough :

mission 1 : Coin For Your Thoughts Quest
Craft an item in a Workshop to see how quickly it turns stuff out.
Collect from 3 Workshop support buildings (Blacksmith, Quarry and Armory)
Have 1 Chicken and Corn Chili (craft in the Kitchen)

mission 2 : Hit The Nail On The Noggin Quest
Craft 2 Hammers (craft in the Workshop)
Have 1 Iron Pick (craft in the Workshop after you build a Blacksmith)
Have 10 Flax Oil (craft in the Kitchen)

mission 3 : Peak Efficiency Quest
Craft 1 Angle Finder (craft in Workshop after you build a Quarry)
Craft 2 Bags of Nails (craft in Workshop after you build a Blacksmith)
Have 5 Keys (Ask friends)

mission 4 : Oven-agedon Quest
Craft 4 Ovens (craft in the Workshop)
Fire up the ovens and cook 5 (Click on an empty Kitchen)
Tend 20 houses

mission 5 : More Than You Can Chew Quest
Craft 1 Knives in the Workshop
Have 15 Wool (Tend Sheep)
Cook 3 Baked Potatoes (craft in the Kitchen)

mission 6 : Paint the Studio Red Quest
Have 7 Wash Rags (Ask friends)
Craft 6 new Looms (craft in the Studio)
Have 6 Saucy Tarts to feed Ulrich (craft in the Kitchen)

mission 7 : Lend A Fist Quest
Craft 2 Rapid Taxes (craft in the Studio)
Have 10 Cotton Cloth
Craft 1 Stained Glass Window (craft in the Studio after you build a Jeweler Shoppe)

mission 8 : Party Foul Quest
Have 25 Red Feathers (tend adult peacocks)
Craft 3 Vegetable Cocktails (craft in kitchen)
Have 5 Old Socks (request from the Party Pavilion)

mission 9 : Life Of The Party Quest
Craft a party to see how your Pavilion is operating (craft at party pavilion)
Craft 5 Party Favors to check for quality
Visit 25 neighbors to see if they are throwing any parties

mission 10 : Party On Quest
Have 1 Carrot Cake for the celebration (craft in kitchen)
Craft 3 Workbenches (craft in workshop)
Have 5 Candles to light the event (craft in studion – need tailor)