Castleville Comfort Food Quest How Sweet

By | July 7, 2012

How Sweet ! The Duke and Mia go on their first date, let’s help them in castleville comfort food quest

another unreleased missions, so remember that the requirements might changed when it released 😛

here are the walkthrough guide :

mission 1 : Comfort Food Quest
Have 10 Cookies (Ask Friends)
Tax Mia’s House 1 time to gather her picnic basket
Visit The Duke’s Kingdom

mission 2 : All Worked Up Quest
Craft 3 Berry Scones (crafted in the Kitchen)
Harvest 12 Potatoes
Collect 8 Honey (Tend Flowers)

mission 3 : Piece of Cake Quest
Craft 2 Cakes (crafted in the Kitchen after building a Mill and a Bakery)
Have 10 Cotton Cloth (crafted in the Studio after building a Tailor or by collecting from a Tailor)
Collect 15 Pails of Water (collected by fishing)

mission 4 : Spruced Up Quest
Buy and place 5 new Decorations
Clear 15 Grass
Tend 25 Flowers in your Kingdom

mission 5 : Dolled Up Quest
Have 7 Charm Bracelets (Ask Friends)
Harvest 18 Tomatoes
Craft 10 Parchment (crafted in the Studio)

mission 6 : Sweets for the Sweet Quest
Craft 2 Chocolate Covered Strawberries (crafted in the Kitchen after building a Bakery)
Craft 3 Candles (craft in the Studio after building a Tailor)
Collect 14 Milk Bottles (feeding adult Cows)

mission 7 : Love Hurts Quest
Craft 5 Fairy Elixir (craft in the Studio)
Harvest 20 Chili Peppers
Consume 3 Bubbly Grogs (craft in the Kitchen)

mission 8 : Tossed Cookies Quest
Craft 3 Tomato Bisque Soups (crafted in the Kitchen)
Craft 1 Bedding (crafted in the Studio after building a Tailor)
Chop 25 Trees to collect some firewood

mission 9 : Home Sweet Home Quest
Craft 5 Crafted Glass (craft in the Studio after building a Jeweler)
Craft 2 Leather Aprons (crafted in the Studio)
Craft 5 Chicken Pot Pies (crafted in the Kitchen after you build a Butcher)

mission 10 : Love Conquers All Quest
Craft 7 Cupcakes (crafted in the Kitchen after building a Mill)
Tax 15 Houses
Buy 1 new Clothing Item

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