Castleville Dear Rafael Quest Rafaels #1 Fan

By | June 19, 2012

Start castleville dear rafael quest to reveal who Rafael’s #1 Fan is 🙂

Rafael received his first fan letter since being trapped in the Gloom from someone claiming to be his number one fan. Help Rafael make preparations for his special fan to visit your Kingdom, and find out who it is!

You will need to have rescued Rafael from the Gloom early on in the game, and completed his House to get these quests 😀

missions requirements walkthrough guide :

Quest 1 : Dear Rafael Mission
Place Rafael’s Fan Letter Box (found under the Decor section of your Inventory)
Craft 1 Berry Smoothie in the Kitchen
Have 3 Pails of Water

fan letter box construction materials :
10 wood plank
10 bag of nails
5 mortar
5 keepsake box

Quest 2 : looking for trouble mission
Craft 1 Axe in the Workshop
Use 1 Beastie Potion
Banish the summoned Beastie

Quest 3 : so responsive mission
Craft 7 Parchment in the Studio
Collect 15 Red Feathers
Have 6 Autographed Sketches of Rafael (found by clicking the Post to Friends button in the quest window or found on the Newsfeed)

Quest 4 : fan the flames mission
Finish building Rafael’s Fan Letter Box
Collect a letter from the Fan Letter Box
Visit 10 Neighbors

Quest 5 : task impossible mission
Craft 10 Flaxseed Oil in the Kitchen
Have 25 Milk
Craft 1 Rafael’s Cologne in the Studio

Quest 6 : bruised feelings mission
Collect another letter from Rafel’s Fan Letter Box
Tend Yvette’s House
Craft 3 Bedding in the Studio

Quest 7 : clean freak mission
Store 10 items in your Kingdom
Tend 25 Flowers
Have 8 Bars of Soap (found by clicking the Post to Friends button in the quest window or found on the Newsfeed)

Quest 8 : anything for a fan mission
Sell 10 Weapons from your Inventory
Banish all the Beasties in your Kingdom
Tend 20 Houses

Quest 9 : #1 fan revealed mission
Banish Faugrimm from your Kingdom
Banish the 5 Beasties around Rafael’s House

Quest 10 : fan club president mission
Help Rafael practice 5 times on a Practice Dummy
Have 10 Parchment (crafted in the Studio)
Craft 3 Rafael’s Cologne in the Studio