Castleville Do You Believe In Magic Quest Magic 101

By | October 1, 2012

Alastair will teach you how to use magic to help your Kingdom in castleville do you believe in magic quest !

it’s magic 101 missions and there are only 2 parts, here’s the walkthrough guide :

tips : Click the Spellbook button to cast prepared Spells

mission 1 : Do You Believe In Magic Quest
Plant 2 Sugar Cane
Have 4 Eggs by tending Chickens
Have 5 Piles of Sand (Fish in ponds)

mission 2 : Cast Away Quest
Prepare the Sunripen Spell with the items you have collected
Cast the Sunripen Spell on your Sugar Cane to instantly mature them

that’s all for now, though there’s maybe some requirements changed when this quest released 😀