Castleville Dukes New Years Resolution Quest

By | December 27, 2012

A new year, a new duke ? Help duke complete his list in castleville dukes new years resolution quest with 7 parts !
because he is way behind on his new year’s resolutions, explore new location for his swanky bachelor pad !

missions walkthrough guide :

mission 1: well hello ladies quest
– Explore to find the ultimate location for Duke’s Bachelor pad

mission 2: rooting for the new year quest
– Collect 3 Gold Toilets to have a throne fit for the Duke
– Click on the Duke’s Bachelor Pad contruction
– Craft 2 Purity Talismans to start cleaning up the Bachelor Pad


mission 3: round is shape quest
– Craft 1 Skinny Mirror
– Box a Practice Dummy 3 times
– Craft 1 Dumbbell

mission 4: a balanced diet is a pie in each hand quest
– Finish Building the 2nd section of the Bachelor Pad
– Consume 2 Pecan Pies
– Sell 2 Ice Creams


mission 5: reeling in the new year quest
– Have 7 fresh grubs to use as fish bait
– Use 1 Fishing Bait
– Craft 5 Purity Talismans

mission 6: family man quest
– Collect 7 Awkward Family Portraits
– Build the final section of the Bachelor Pad
– Have a Party going


mission 7: world record for the best duke in the kingdom quest
– Use 8 Purity Talismans in the Swamp Roots
– Craft 1 World’s Largest Cake
– Feed Cows 25 times
rewards : Canoli the horse, unicorn’s gift