Castleville Fairy Potter Quest Home Brewing

By | July 31, 2012

Get Pixie Kettle to brew magic potions in castleville fairy potter quest !

Home Brewing ! Have Gelsey teach you how a Fairy Cauldron works

goals walkthrough :

mission 1: Fairy Potter Quest
Place the Pixie Kettle in your Kingdom (Inventory)

mission 2: Fairy Alchemy Quest
Pop the magic Purple Fairy Bubble in your Kingdom
Brew 1 Minor XP Potion

hint :
pop Pixie Kettle to collect its Shimmer
pop the Purple Fairy Bubble, then Craft a Minor XP Potion at the Pixie Kettle

mission 3: Fairy Friendship Quest
Brew 1 Strong Potion

tips :
brew Minor Potion, then upgrade with the help of your friends to a Strong level potion

mission 4: Stirring the Pot Quest
Pop a Yellow colored Fairy Bubble.
The Pixie Kettle sometimes creates a bubble, pop it to collect its essence