Castleville Fish In A Tub Quest Sink or Swim

By | September 4, 2012

Learn and master the wonders of Celestial Magic in castleville fish in a tub quest with the help of Alastair’s wise master, Sal !

there are 8 parts of the sink or swim missions

here are the goals guide :
mission 1 : Fish In A Tub Quest
Place Sal’s Tub in your Kingdom (Inventory)
Have 4 Pails of Water (fish in ponds)
Place 2 Dead Logs in your Kingdom

mission 2 : Catch and Release Quest
Collect Dream Catchers (ask friends)
Craft 1 Bubbly Grog in the Kitchen
Place the Moon Well

mission 3 : Heavy Rain Quest
Cast the Falling Star Spell 1 time in your Kingdom (Spellbook)
Mine a summoned Meteorite 5 times (Cast the Falling Star Spell)
Harvest 8 Coffee Beans

mission 4 : Lunch Money Quest
Cast the Harvest Moon Spell 2 times (Spellbook)
Collect from enchanted Royal Buildings 4 times (Harvest Moon Spell)
Complete construction of the Moon Well

mission 5 : Out of Focus Quest
Collect 3 River Stones (ask friends)
Consume 2 Vegetable Cocktails (Craft in the Kitchen)
Craft 2 Hard Boiled Eggs in the Kitchen.

mission 6 : Moon Well Labor Quest
Tend 10 Animals in your Kingdom
Mine Rocks or collect from Mining Camps in your Kingdom 5x
Upgrade your Moon Well

mission 7 : Big Bang Theory Quest
Cast the Big Bang Spell on 2 trees (Spell Book)
Craft 2 Sweet Buns in the Kitchen.
Use your extra Energy to collect from 15 houses

mission 8 : Aged Wisdom Quest
Cast the Zodiac Flash Spell 2x
Feed 2 Animals in your Kingdom
Collect 2 Hypercrafts (Craft in the Workshop or purchase in the Market)