Castleville Francis Unabridged Quest Love Bridge

By | February 4, 2013

Help prince francis build a magical love bridge in chefville francis unabridged quest for gelsey fairy valentine’s ritual
these are unreleased quests, so the requirements might changed when it’s out

goals walkthrough guide :

mission 1: Bridge-zilla Quest
– Place the Love Bridge construction site
– Mine 4 Rocks
– Have 1 Hammer

mission 2: Bridge Suspension Quest
– Finish building the Love Bridge
– Have 5 Romance Candles (ask friends)
– After you’ve built the Love Bridge, move it wherever you want. Now you can place it over water

mission 3: Color Me Thine Quest
– Buy and place 4 Flowers close to the magic Love Bridge
– Build the Love Bridge with colorful objects
– Tend 3 Flowers close to the Love Bridge

mission 4: A Bridge To Flower Quest
– Finish building the Love Bridge
– Tend 3 more Flowers
– Craft 1 Grape Juice in your Kitchen

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