Castleville Getting into Trouble Quest The Apprenticeship

By | October 1, 2012

Help Baz in castleville getting into trouble quest to be a Wizard !

baz will make some trouble to Alastair, so you must prepared buz for everything in this goals 😛

The Apprenticeship missions walkthrough :

mission 1 : Getting into Trouble Quest
Tend 15 flowers in your Kingdom
Ask Friends for Eye of a Newt
Cast The New Bloom Spell 3 times

mission 2 : Behind the Curtain Quest
Craft 5 Cotton Cloths
Collect 15 Pails of Water (fishing)
Craft 2 Leather Aprons for Alastair

mission 3 : Staying Busy Quest
Craft a Practice Dummy in the Studio and require a Tailor
Charm 2 Gloom Wolves
Fish 15 times

mission 4 : The Apprenticeship Quest
Harvest 25 Magic Beans
Have 7 Conjuring Quills (Ask Friends)
Have 12 Aquamarine by mine rocks or tend a Mining Camp

mission 5 : A Big Bang Quest
Cast the Big Bang Spell
Cast the Shakedown spell
Cast the Harvest wind spell