Castleville Give Them Wings Quest Pegasus Cradle

By | March 13, 2013

Get a golden pegasus statue by helping alastair raise pegasus foals in these castleville give them wings quest

missions walkthrough guide :

mission 1: Plight of the Pegasus Quest
– Place the Pegasus Cradle
– Place a Pegasus Foal
– Have 2 Feathered Wings

Pegasus Cradle :

here’s the guide for pegasus raising help :
step 1: select a pegasus type
choose a pegasus to raise, but the final form is a surprise
step 2: pick a partner
you both will receive a pegasus will be shared ! so choose wisely
step 3: feed your pegasus
you have 7 days to feed them with pegasus power feed, a pegasus will need to be fed at least 5 times or it will disappear !
step 4: view flight
after 7 days your pegasus will grow into its final form ! the more you feed it, the greater the rewards !

mission 2: Take Heart Quest
– Have 3 Bravery Essence
– Craft 3 Pegasus Power Feed
– Have 3 Medium Pegasus

mission 3: Protect and Provide Quest
– Banish 1 Gloom Wolf
– Start 2 new Pegasus Foals
– Craft 5 Pegasus Power Feed

mission 4: Cheer them Up Quest
– Have 5 Saucy Tarts
– Craft 5 Pegasus Power Feed
– Collect Taxes from 5 Houses

mission 5: A Soaring Success Quest
– Fish in 2 Ponds
– Craft 5 Pegasus Power Feed
– Craft 5 Bottles of Champagne