Castleville Gloom Investigation Missions Gloom Experiments

By | May 17, 2012

Help Giovanni with his gloom experiments in castleville gloom investigation missions !

Being surrounded by Gloom really puts me off my painting. If I just knew more about it, I’m sure I could sort the murky muck out!

there are 7 quest and you need to finish studio mastery to unlock this questline !

walkthrough guide :

Mission 1 : Gloom Investigation quest
Use 1 Beastie Potion (craft in beastie lab or buy from market)
Buy 3 Gloomed Rocks (buy from market)
Visit 4 Neighbors to investigate their fight against the gloom

Mission 2 : A Little Experiment quest
Have 4 Gloom Samples (ask friends)
Craft 2 Gloom Elixirs (craft in kitchen)
Use 2 Gloom Elixirs on flowers

Mission 3 : Up all Night quest
Craft 2 Vegetable Cocktails (craft in kitchen)
Have 3 Parchment (craft in studio)
Have 2 Dragon Torches (craft in workshop once you have a Royal Kennel in your kingdom)

Mission 4 : Design Realized quest
Have 2 Iron Bars to make parts (craft in workshop once you have a Blacksmith)
Have 3 Flaxseed Oil (craft in kitchen)
Place and build Giovanni’s Gloom Slurper machine (build with parts)

Mission 5 : New Direction quest
Tax 10 houses to raise more funds for this important project
Craft 6 Wood Planks (craft in workshop)
Have 1 Bag of Nails (craft in workshop once you have a Blacksmith)

Mission 6 : Inventing is Hard Work quest
Craft 2 Hammers (craft in workshop once you have a Blacksmith)
Have 3 Gold Bricks (craft in workshop)
Have 1 Anvil (craft in workshop)

Mission 7 : Gloom Converter quest
Have 9 Gloom (ask friends)
Finish the Gloom Converter
Collect from the Gloom Converter 3 times