Castleville Glowing Ember Missions Little Bundle of Fire

By | May 9, 2012

Little Bundle of Fire ! Get your baby dragon now in castleville glowing ember missions !

Ember will bring you the Egg of a baby Dragon ! there are 11 quests, here are the requirements walkthrough guide :

quest 1 : Glowing Ember Mission
– Place the Dragon Egg from your Inventory (Decor tab)
– Chop 3 Trees so Ember
– Have 1 Silver Ore (Collect from Mining Camps or mine Rocks)

quest 2 : Dousing the Flames Mission
– Have 5 Steel Pipes (Ask Friends)
– Craft 1 Cotton Cloth (craft in the Studio)
– Place 2 Moats (buy on Market in the Nature section)
Rewards: Super Chop

quest 3 : Wonderful Things Mission
– Tax 6 Houses
– Have 2 Bags of Nails (Collect from the Blacksmith or craft in the Workshop)
– Sell 10 Items

quest 4 : Domesticating Dragons Mission
– Craft 1 Dragon Collar (craft in the Studio)
– Collect 6 Chicken Meat (Feed adult Chickens)
– Buy 5 new Decoration

quest 5 : Trial By Fire Mission
– Have 1 Regal Kennel (on Market under Special Buildings)
– Place the Torching Post from your Inventory
– Have 14 Piles of Sand (Fish in Ponds)
Rewards: Super Clobber

quest 6 : Play Date Mission
– Use 2 Gloom Wolf Potions (Buy Gloom Wolf Potions in the Market, then use them from the Consumables tab of your Inventory)
– Finish construction (Click on the Torching Post and collect materials to build)
– Collect 5 Animal Bones (Banish Gloom Wolves and Gloom Rats)

quest 7 : The Golden Child Mission
– Have 3 Bottles of Ink (craft in the Studio)
– Get singing lessons from Yvette! Tax her house 1 times
– Tend 10 Flower

quest 8 : Walking on Eggshells Mission
– Hatch the Dragon Egg (Click on the Dragon Egg and use the required materials to hatch it)
– Harvest 6 Cabbage
Rewards: +5 Energy Potion

quest 9 : Dragon Day Care Mission
– Collect 1 Flint by mining Rocks in your Kingdom
– Click on the Dragon to give it Flint and play with it 5 times
– Craft 1 Fireproof Chew Toy (craft in the Studio)

quest 10 : Gold Digger Mission
– Click on the Regal Kennel to view the rewards baby Dragons give
– Give your Dragon 1 Fireproof Chew Toy to make your Dragon instantly happy
– Select an item from your Dragon’s Treasure Hoard
tips : When your Dragon’s Happiness Meter is full, click on the Dragon to pick a reward from its Treasure Hoard.

quest 11 : Worth Its Weight in Gold Mission
– Give your baby Dragon another Fireproof Chew Toy
– Select another item from your Dragon’s Treasure Hoard
– Relax and fish in 3 Neighbors’ Kingdoms
Rewards: Love Potion