Castleville Good Tidings Quest Trial by Magic

By | August 23, 2012

Help Alastair in castleville good tidings quest so he can get promoted to First Class Mage!

we will doing 10 parts of trial by magic missions

requirements walkthrough guide :

mission 1: Good Tidings Quest
Craft 4 Dye Kits in the Studio
Craft 2 Ice Cream Cones in the Kitchen
Harvest 8 Wheat

mission 2: Ivory Tower Quest
Have foundation for 1 Mage Tower (Market > Buildings > Royal)
Craft 3 Hammers in the Workshop
Mine 12 Gloomed Rocks

mission 3: Mind Games Quest
Craft 2 Anvils in the Workshop
Craft 3 Steel Bars in the Workshop
Collect 20 Milk Bottles (Feed adult Cows)

mission 4: Spring De-Cleaning Quest
Have 15 Meteorite (Ask Friends)
Craft 1 Purity Wand in the Studio
Have 15 Down Feathers (Feed adult Geese)

mission 5: A Familiar Face Quest
Craft 5 Animal Treats in the Kitchen
Cast the Lucky Rainbow spell 1 time to enchant a Sheep
Tend any 25 Animals

mission 6: E.S.P. Quest
Craft 4 Fairy Elixir in the Studio
Craft 3 Fish Fillets in the Kitchen
Harvest 20 of any crop

mission 7: Material Boy Quest
Have 12 Love Letters (Ask Friends)
Craft 1 Carrot Cake in the Kitchen
Tax 15 Houses to remove temptation

mission 8: Material Boy Quest
Use 2 Gloom Thief Morphers in the Beastie Laboratory
Sell 2 Swords in the Workshop
Banish any 5 Beasties

mission 9: Towering Above Quest
Complete 1 Mage Tower
Craft 8 Sweet Buns in the Kitchen
Collect 13 Beeswax (Tend Flowers)

mission 10: Promote Good Wizards Quest
Have 10 Enchanted Ink (Ask Friends)
Craft 1 Flag in the Studio
Visit 5 Neighbors’ Kingdoms

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