Castleville Griffin Statue Upgrade Quests

By | May 28, 2012

Complete geezer tasks quests to unlock a better castleville griffin statue worth more caslte points !

extra missions you complete, reward you with new royal crest creation options too !

how to get griffin statue in castleville :
complete heraldry quest part 2 : the waiting game mission
next build it with material parts :
10 stone block
5 mortar
10 granite block
8 crucible

To get additional sets of geezer tasks started, just click on your Griffin and then on the Go To Quest button to continue working the GEEZER quests :
50 castle : agricultural superpower
150 castle : charity begins at home
300 castle : a penny saved

complete more quests to impress the geezers and upgrade your griffin statue, each upgrade boosts your castle
each upgrade unlocks new symbols and backgrounds for your royal crest !

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