Castleville Hath No Fury Quest No Place Like Throne

By | August 7, 2012

Hazel has stolen Frozen Throne from Faugrimm in castleville hath no fury quest !

there are only 5 parts of No Place Like Throne missions

here are the walkthrough guide :

mission 1 : Hath No Fury Quest
Tend 10 Sheep
Collect 3 Sugar Cubes (Ask your friends)
Explore the gloom

mission 2 : Cold as Ice Quest
Prepare the Fire Spirit Spell (Click the Spellbook button)
Melt 5 Ice Brambles and collect your first Fire Essences (Spellbook >Heartfire Spell)
Remove the first layer of ice from the Frozen Throne (collect parts)

mission 3 : A Brambling man Quest
Melt 8 Ice Brambles to collect more Fire Essence (Spellbook >Heartfire Spell)
Remove the second layer of ice from the ice-locked Throne (collect parts)
Search for more Ice Brambles by exploring the nearby Gloom

mission 4 : Above the Thaw Quest
Have 3 Rubies (Bird Dazzle Spell, mine Rocks or Harvest Mining Camps)
Have 12 Fire Essence (Spellbook >Heartfire Spell)
Remove the final layer of ice from the Throne (collect parts)

mission 5 : To Each Their Throne Quest
Cast Frostmite 1 time (Spellbook button)
Craft 3 Horseshoes to welcome the Unicorns (in the Workshop)
Cast the Unicorn’s Gift Spell 2 times