Castleville Hazel’s Birthday Quest

By | May 15, 2013

Even though faugrimm forgot about hazel birthday, it doesn’t stop yvette to throw an unforgettable birthday bash for her in castleville hazel’s birthday quest !
Hazel is so very upset over this birthday mess ! we will have your hands full with this party !

here are the story and goals walkthrough :

mission 1: Birthday Woes Quest
– Place the Birthday Party Starter in your Kingdom
– Tend 5 Flowers for Hazel
– Plant 5 Sugarcane, to make sweet treats for the party

Hazel’s Birthday Cake
hazel’s birthday party has started ! invite your friends !

you will see some pop up for the story :
H: oh that birthday cake makes me feel so much better, at least now everyone knows it’s a party.
Y: and a party we will have ! did you know that some of the party favors are hidden among the flowers in your kingdom ?
Y: hazel will really like this next surprise – a birthday gift, made specially for her !

mission 2: Gifts Galore Quest
– Have 7 Black Lace to stitch onto Hazel’s new birthday gown
– Craft Hazel’s new Birthday Qutfit
– Tend 7 animals in your neighbors Kingdoms

hazel’s outfit

H: oh, yvette, that gown looks perfect ! thank you !
F: curses ! it’s hazel’s birthday, and no one reminded me ? who’s mortal mistake is this ?! i will strike him down with my gloom and…
H: i’d like to se you try, you fotgot my birthday. be gone, faugrimm, i need time to rethink this relationship of ours
Y: Uh-oh! looks like we need to calm hazel down a little bit, she looks like she’s ready to start crying again !

mission 3: Calming Effect Quest
– Craft 3 Berry Smoothies for Hazel to sip while she calms down
– Tend 10 Flowers
– Craft 1 Hot Bun to accompany that Smoothie

F: blasted women ! this is why i like my gloom beasties ! but i need to fix this huge mess with hazel
Y: some might say that getting your girlfriend a birthday gift might fix things a little bit, considering you forgot about the birthday completely
F: i just had the best idea, i will get hazel a birthday gift, and she will love me again
F: and you girl, you will make this perfect gift for hazel

mission 4: Kiss And Make UP Quest
– Craft the Parasol Statue for Hazel
– Craft 1 Candy Hearts for Faugrimm
– Tax 10 Houses

mission 5: Goldfish, Much Quest
– Have 3 Hazel’s Whistle
– Have an active Birthday Party in your Kingdom
– Craft 2 Hazel Doll

Y: wow, that statue looks gorgeous ! and hazel seems to be in a better mood now
H: i am not ready to forgive him yet, but yes that is a pretty statue
Y: isn’t it time you got ready for the party, hazel ? let’s get you ready for it !

mission 6: Party Time Quest
– Craft a Birthday Chicken
– have 3 Birthday Masks for Hazel to pick from

F: drat, some of the guests arrived without gifts ! curses ! if hazel finds out, she’s going to rain hell’s wrath on me and i will..
Y: i have it covered, and will thank you to not panic ! i am working really hard to fix your mess, aren’t i ?
F: careful, silly little girl ! tread carefully, i could turn you into one of my beasties and then..
Y: oh tosh ! who’ll throw this party, then ? behave yourself, faugrimm !

mission 7: Small Corrections Quest
– Craft Hazel’s Icy Tower
– Craft 2 Faugrimm Dolls
– Have 6 Bass to make a yummy snack for Hazel

Y: i feel awful for snapping at faugrimm, he just wants something nice for you on your birthday
H: he’ll live, that big baby ! i am so excited about this party, yvette ! i don’t want to ever stop !
Y: never stop ? alright, we might need to do a little more work ! let’s go to it !

mission 8: All Night Long Quest
– Craft 2 Candles
– Craft 5 Bottles of Champagne
– Craft 4 Bouncy Balls

H: yvette, i loved this birthday, especially because faugrimm… he said happy birthday and..
H: and he hugged me ! this is the best birthday ever !
Y: wow, hazel ! i am glad things worked out for both of you !
H: and i know just the way to thank you for this fabulous day !

mission 9: Grateful Love Quest
– Craft 1 Minkerbelles
– Tend 5 Animals in your Neighbors Kingdoms
– Tend 5 Flowers

Y: thank you so much, hazel, i am going to keep birthday minkerbelle beside me all the time. i love her !
H: you deserve the best, yvette ! thank you for the most memorable birthday party ever !
F: sugar and spice and everything nice.. are we done here ? i have gloom business to take care of !
H: oh faugrimm