Castleville Housing Quarter Quest

By | March 27, 2013

Start castleville housing quarter quest with alastair to store more buildings to this building, because a gloom dragon is attacking your kingdom !

All Tax Buildings except those associated with Characters can be stored. Royal Buildings cannot be stored in the Housing Quarter.

Get a dragon statue as final reward from these missions !

mission 1: A Stitch in Time Quest
Have 3 Security Blankets
Place the Housing Quarter
Have 5 Walls

mission 2: Feeling the Heat Quest
Collect 5 pails of Water
Craft 2 Aquamagia
Finish building the Housing Quarter

mission 3: Moving Time Quest
Tax 5 Royal Buildings
Craft 3 Housing Keys
Open 2 Slots in the Housing Quarter


mission 4: One Fell Swoop Quest
Craft 6 Housing Keys
Add 4 Houses
Tax the Housing Quarter

mission 5: Prime Real Estate Quest
Have 6 unlocked slots
Craft 3 Aquamagia
Caste the Quick Tax Spell

mission 6: Beasties at Bay Quest
Tend 10 Flowers
Craft 4 Compost Jars
Caste the Beasite Shield Spell

mission 7: Room for All Quest
Unlock 10 Slots
Add 6 Houses
Craft 3 tins of Pewter Polish

mission 8: Quick be the Taxing Quest
Cast the Quick Tax Spell 1 times
Collect from the housing Quarter
Craft 4 bottles of Champagne