Castleville How To Banish A Gloom Dragon

By | May 4, 2012

Protect your castleville kingdom! becasuse the gloom dragons are coming ! so make sure you know how to banish a gloom dragon in castleville 🙂

Gloom Dragons have landed in your Kingdom! Follow Tom and Alastair’s expertise in banishing the foul beasts before they set everything ablaze!

Increase your renown with the knight’s circle by banishing gloom dragons ! there are 3 requirements :
– Summon a Gloom Dragon using a Gloom Dragon Potion made in the Beastie Lab
– Douse the Gloom Flames left by the menacing creature with mystic wind
– Capture the Dragon using Myrick’s Flask


walkthrough guide :
The requirements for the gloom dragon potion : (2 hour craft time in beastie lab)
5 Opals (request from friends)
8 Fish
2 Chicken Meat
3 Crucibles (wall post or visiting neighbors)

Mystic wind : (First time is 10sec crafting then it drops to 5 seconds)
3 red feathers (you can ask for them)
5 pails of water
4 wool (you can ask for these as well)

Myrick’s flask
For Flames: Check Yev house and Raf’s house, To catch on blue fire.

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