Castleville In Pursuit of a Knighthood Quest

By | April 23, 2013

Help Alastair restore Morgana’s Ancestral Home then you can start castleville in pursuit of a knighthood quest to help morgana be prepared to become a real knight for justice !

because morgana will facing the black knight in these goals

requirements walkthrough guide :

mission 1: A-squiring to Greatness Quest
– Investigate the Tournament Pavilion
– Have 10 Wood Logs (Chopping Trees or Logging Camps)
– Collect 4 Piles of Sand (Fishing in the Pond)

mission 2: Armor Up Quest
– Banish 2 Beasties for practice
– Have 2 Dragon’s Breath (ask friends)
– Craft Morgana’s Armor (workshop)

mission 3: Armor Up Again Quest
– Collect 6 pieces of Cow Hide (feeding Adult Cows)
– Craft 4 Wooden Clubs (workshop)
– Craft an Enchanted Suit of Armor (workshop)

mission 4: Target Practice Quest
– Summon 2 Beasties to your Kingdom
– Craft 1 Flaming Sword (workshop)
– Banish 2 Beasties from your Kingdom

mission 5: Lances Make Your Arm Strong Quest
– Gather 3 Iron Ore for the Lance (Mining Camps)
– Craft Morgana’s Jousting Lance (workshop)
– Craft Champagne (kitchen)