Castleville In The Bag Quest Yulefest Presents

By | December 12, 2012

It’s time for the yulefest present ! wrap the present to get a medium, large or epic reward with naughty-or-nice list from kringles magic bag in castleville in the bag quest

No peeking ! wrap as many yulefest presents as you can before december 25th ! the more you wrap, the more you open and the better it gets !

walkthrough guide :

mission 1: in the bag quest
– Place Kringle’s Magic Bag
– Begin wrapping 1 Present
– Tax 5 Houses to see everyone’s wishlist

magic bag

Click on the Magic Bag to the get “Naughty-Or-Nice List”:
The size of the Present depends on how much Gift Wrap you use before the 7-day period is up:
Medium: 5 Gift Wrap
Large: 18 Gift Wrap
Epic: 40 Gift Wrap

mission 2: wrapper’s delight quest
– Have 3 Yulefest Cards to send to your loved ones
– Craft 3 Gift Wraps
– Feed 10 Animals to get into the giving spirit

mission 3: a jolly medium quest
– Make 5 Gift Wraps to make your Presents pretty
– Go fishing 5 times to think up great gifts for your friends
– Craft 3 Egg Grogs. The essential holiday beverage

mission 4: giving large quest
– Have 5 Holly Springs to deck all your halls
– Make 7 Gift Wraps to make your Presents even prettier
– Start wrapping 2 more Yulefest Presents

mission 5: present & accounted for quest
– Make 10 Gift Wraps to make your Presents the prettiest ones EVER
– Cast the Shakedown Spell 2 times to get some extra Wrapping Paper
– Visit 3 Neighbors to sing them Yulefest Carols

mission 6: happy yulefest quest
– Open your Yulefest Presents on Yulefest Day!
– Start wrapping 2 more Presents.
– Craft 3 Pumpkin Pies to celebrate Yulefest with everyone!

When December 25 rolls around, the Presents will be ready for unwrapping: