Castleville Knight Fall Missions From Tom the Knight Sky

By | April 12, 2012

Meet a valiant knight : tom to start castleville knight fall missions ! where there are 9 parts of quests from the knight sky
here are the quest requirements :

quest 1 : knight fall mission
Place the Landing Target from your Inventory
After placing the Landing Target from your Inventory, click on it
Talk to the visitor to find out what happened to him

quest 2 : knight flying mission
Have 3 Jars of Salve (ask a friends)
Tax 1 house in 5 different Neighbors’ Kingdoms
Chop 10 trees

quest 3 : no need to panic mission
Collect Taxes from Alastair’s House 2 times
Visit Neighbors 8 times
Have 15 Grapes
Reward: 1 Gloom Wolf Potion

quest 4 : stirry knight mission
Have 8 Chain Links (ask a friend)
Craft Tom 3 Super Clobbers (craft in Workshop with alchemist Powder x1 and Club x2)
Banish 3 Beasties

quest 5 : knight and play mission
Tax Houses in your Kingdom 15 times
Feed animals 20 times in your Kingdom
Craft 2 Tomato Bisque Soup (craft in Kitchen with tomato x20, Milk Bottle x10 and Stick of Butter x3)

quest 6 : the charms of the kingdom mission
Craft 3 Plates of Spaghetti (craft in kitchen with Wheat Bundle x10, Flax Oil x3 and Tomato x7)
Collect 20 Milk Bottles
Harvest 15 Flax
Reward: 1 Small Energy Potion

quest 7 : knight visits mission
Tend 10 Sheep in neighbor’s Kingdom
Craft 3 Sweet Buns (craft in kitchen with Flour Sack x1 and Sugar Cane x6)
Craft 3 Rope

quest 8 : knight woos mission
Tend Flowers 10 times in your Kingdom
Harvest 20 crops
Have 4 Socks (ask a friend)

quest 9 : a knightly journey mission
Craft 5 Hard Boiled Eggs (craft in kitchen with Eggs x10 and Pail of Water x5)
Harvest 10 Carrots
Purchase 5 Pine Saplings
Reward : 1 Super Grow, 30 xp, 1500 coins

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