Castleville Lost Prince Missions When Dukes Cry

By | April 19, 2012

Get a free german shepherd puppy from castleville when dukes cry missions to find the lost prince !

there are 5 parts and you must finish puppy love missions to unlock this quests

requirements guide :
quest 1 : the lost prince mission
– tend the duke’s butcher in his kingdom to see if you can get prince to come back using food
– collect 5 meat from pigs to help lure prince back (tend adult pigs)
– have 5 cow hide (tend adult cows)

quest 2 : somewhere here on earth mission
– collect 2 animal bones to bury for prince
– have 6 swamp boots to hide (ask friends)
– perform 5 actions in the duke’s kingdom to bury the bones and boots

quest 3 : playtime’s over mission
– search 5 grass and bushes in the duke’s kingdom to help the duke find prince’s chew toy
– get 20 wool to re-stuff prince’s favorite stuffed animal (tend adult sheep)
– craft 1 chew toy to give prince when he comes back (studio)

quest 4 : lost dog mission
– craft 6 parchment so the duke can make some lost dog posters (studio)
– craft 8 bottles of ink (studio)
– visit 10 neighbors to distribute the posters and see if someone has seen prince

quest 5 : prince’s return mission
– visit duke’s kingdom to see if prince has come home

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