Castleville Love Neigh True Love Quest

By | July 17, 2013

Discover new feelings ! Help alastair reveal his true feelings for morgana on castleville love neigh true love quest where you will build a horse stable !
Store horses in the horses stable to get rewards like save space in your kingdom, protect your horses from beasties, and feed them all at once ! you can add horses to your stable through storage mode 🙂 Once stored, you can access them again through your inventory.

goals walkthrough guide :

mission 1 : say what you need to say quest
– Place 4 Passion Flowers in your Kingdom
– Tend 4 Passion Flowers to keep them looking fresh
– Place the construction site of the Horse Stable in your Kingdom

Horse Stable Construction Site

mission 2 : walk the walk quest
– Clear 2 Grass from your Kingdom
– Have 3 Good Luck Charms for Alastair
– Have 10 Pails of Water

mission 3: say it already quest
– Craft 1 Berry Smoothie for Alastair
– Craft 1 Equestrian Saddle
– Upgrade the Horse Stable

mission 4: trouble on the horizon quest
– Practice on a Practice Dummy 5 times
– Have 5 Warding Runes to protect Morgana
– Craft 1 Amulet of Protection for Moragana to wear

mission 5: good little worker quest
– Feed 4 Horses
– Tax Alastair’s House once
– Upgrade the Horse Stable once

mission 6: powerful protection quest
– Clear 6 Dead Trees from your Kingdom
– Craft the Powerful Protection Spell right away
– Cast the Power Protection Spell in the Black Knight

mission 7: confessions of a mage quest
– Have 200,000 coins for horse stable construction
– Craft 3 Grooming Brushes
– Complete the construtcion of the Horse Stable, Morgana can hardly wait!