Castleville Masquerade Fall Quest Harvest Festival

By | September 19, 2012

Help rafael enjoy the fall season with the Harvest Festival party on castleville masquerade fall quest !

Place your party pavilion and start the harvest festival now 🙂

goals walkthrough :
mission 1: Masquerade Fall Quest
Have a Party Pavilion
Craft the Dance Hall in the Party Pavilion
Place the Harvest Plot

mission 2: Harvest Decor Quest
Have Fall Wreaths (Ask your friends)
Visit the Duke
Tend 5 flowers in your Kingdom

mission 3: Autumn Feast Quest
Have 5 Carrots
Have 6 Chicken Meat by clicking on Adult Chickens
Complete the construction of your Harvest Plot

mission 4: Touch of Fall Quest
Have 4 Wool
Place a Pumpkin Setting (crafted in the Party Pavilion)
Have 5 Bottles of Milk

mission 5: Light the Way Quest
Craft 1 Harvest Lantern in the Studio
Place 1 Fall Fence in your Kingdom
Collect from the Harvest Plot 2 times

mission 6: A Perfect Mess Quest
Have 4 Smelling Salts (Ask your Friends)
Have 5 Yellow Feathers (adult Peacocks)
Upgrade your Harvest Plot

mission 7: More Masquerade Quest
Make sure you are having a Harvest Party
Place the Corn Cob Cart in your Kingdom
Have Kettlebell

mission 8: Feast of Fall Quest
Craft 1 Grand Banquet in the Kitchen
Craft a Masquerade Mask in the Party Pavilion
Collect 1 time from the Harvest Plot

mission 9: On that Note Quest
Visit Neighbors
Get 4 Cellos (Ask your friends)
Upgrade your Harvest Plot

mission 10: Last Dance Quest
Craft a Dance Hall in the Party Pavilion
Craft the Fall House in the Party Pavilion
Craft 1 Berry Sconein the Kitchen.