Castleville Mirror Mirror Quest Faugrimms Vacation

By | June 26, 2012

See what evils Faugrimm and his apprentice has for you in castleville mirror mirror quest so start build a magic mirrror ! there are 11 missions of Faugrimms Vacation, finish them all to get a new prizes !

requirements for this faugrimm goals are :

mission 1 : Mirror, Mirror Quest
Place the Magic Mirror’s base in your Kingdom
Build the Magic Mirror
Once the is Mirror completed, activate it

mission 2 : Look Closer Quest
Explore close to Mount Gloom to place the Magic Mirror a little closer.
You must have Exploration Crystals, Coins and specific Castle Levels to explore.

Collect 5 fresh Pails of Water to wash the Magic Mirror.
Collect Pails of Water by Fishing.
Activate the Magic Mirror once more

mission 3 : Gloom, Interrupted Quest
Have 3 Rubber Gloves (Ask Friends)
Add to your exploration funds by taxing 6 Buildings in your Kingdom
Explore to this Mount Gloom to see the damage up-close

mission 4 : Resolve to Dissolve Quest
Craft 3 Slime Dissolvers (in the Kitchen)
Free Glumwort with some Slime Dissolvers (craft in the Kitchen)
Cleanse 2 Slimed items

mission 5 : Slime Time Quest
Have 6 Baking Soda (Ask Friends)
Cleanse Mount Gloom of slime
Visit 6 Neighbors to warn them of Mount Gloom

mission 6 : Secrets in the Gloom Quest
Explore further into Gloom
Banish any Beasties you find, 3 should be enough
Cleanse the Salt Mine

mission 7 : One More Slime Quest
Use 1 Vegetable Cocktail (craft in the Kitchen)
Craft 1 Xtra Strong Cleanser to scrub Mount Gloom (in the Studio)
Cleanse a layer off of Mount Gloom

mission 8 : Volcano No More Quest
Have 7 Walks on the Beach, Sonja’s Favorite Drink (Ask Friends)
Fish 12 times
Cleanse the last layer off of Mount Gloom

mission 9 : Tower of Gloom Quest
Craft 8 Ropes (in the Workshop)
Have 6 Wood Planks (in the Workshop)
Rebuild the Tower of Gloom

mission 10 : Why So Glum Quest
Harvest 120 crops to help heal the land from from this slime
Visit 6 Neighbors
Free Glumwort with some Slime Dissolvers

mission 11 : Two Too Many Quest
Have 9 Frog Kisses (Ask Friends)
Craft 1 Wart Remover (in the Workshop)
Free Glumwort from his evil doppleganger Gloomwart (Craft a Wart Remover and use it on Gloomwart)