Castleville Mysterious Tower Quest Inspiring Unicorns

By | August 12, 2012

Have a beacon of arcadia to start raising unicorn ! so start castleville mysterious tower quest 🙂 this quest series have 7 parts

here are the missions walkthrough :

mission 1: Mysterious Tower Quest
Place the Beacon of Arcadia in your Kingdom (Inventory)

mission 2: Young Unicorns Quest
Click the Beacon of Arcadia and start raising a new Unicorn
Choose a destiny for your new Unicorn
Craft 1 Creative Juices in the Kitchen

mission 3: Joy On The Rise Quest
Feed Unicorns 5 creative juices
Gather Tomes of Lore (Ask friends)
Have Medium Unicorns or better in your Kingdom

mission 4: Equine Protection Clause Quest
Craft 7 Creative juices for your Unicorn
Banish 2 Beasties to protect your Unicorns
Have 1 Large Unicorn in your Kingdom (Unicorn Manager)

mission 5: Proper Unicorn Care Quest
Have 8 Magic Beans
Craft 1 Horseshoes (Workshop)
Gather 4 Rainbow Feathers from Peacocks

mission 6: Uni-Herd Quest
Have 6 enchanted ink (Ask friends)
Craft 9 creative juice (Kitchen)
Have Unicorns at the Epic level or better

mission 7: Measuring Up Quest
Craft creative juices
Have 5 unicorns focus their magic power
Tend a fully matured Unicorn 5x